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Find Your Niche

What is a Niche?

What are you good at? What do you believe is your field of expertise? What can you write about that you know will help other people enhance their lives or can take from you? Are you a parent who can give tips and pointers to other parents? Are you a tech expert? Are you great at introducing new products for people to try? If you can't figure out what you are good at, you can try many different things until you know and you can feel that it is the one!

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 Some people want to jump right into building a website based on the popular niche but it never works out, then their project failed and they have no one to blame but themselves.  Most people who are just starting to build their website are usually inspired by other sites and they piggyback off a successful niche but soon realize that it may not be the one. It hurts and you would either reject the idea of continuing your website or you just keep trying. This post will be the focus of how to find the perfect niche for you. It's not a How-To Guide so don't come back and start yelling at me if it doesn't work. I am suggestively speaking.


Consider Your Passion

Passion is that thing that burns in your loin. No, I'm serious. It's that feeling you get when you know you cannot get enough of it. Some people can go on for days talking about their cat or like my friend, Brittany - She can post and share Shiba Inu photos and memes all day. By seeing that, you know that person is interested in dogs. Namely Shiba Inu. Is she an expert on how to handle Shibu Inus? Maybe, but we will never know unless she writes about it. You do not have to be a dog breeder or handler to share what you learn/know about that specific breed of dog but you can share what you know about them. Introduce your reader about the breed and if you have one as a fur baby, tell your reader how easy they are to train or how stubborn they are as pets. There are many things that you as an authority of your niche can choose to share. People are online every day searching for information. Picking a popular niche will not help you if you are not an expert. It pays to be original because now you have a target audience once they find that you have great things to show or even teach them. I always find it harder to follow the crowd which is why I choose the niche that I have. What is it?

My Niche: Me

I have a lot of things to share and I am one of those people who goes online every day to look for new things to read and learn. I love the idea of helping people build their website around their dream because I had a hard time finding mine. Some of the things that you will find on my site will include:
  1. Personality Type Testing
  2. Freelance work
  3. Short stories
  4. My opinion on recent trends
  5. Book and movie reviews
  6. Work from Home Options
  7. Animal Welfare
  8. Youtube videos
These are things that intrigue me and I can talk about them all day. Of course, my niche may not work for everyone because my website was not created to make money. My website was created to connect with people who will find my posts enjoyable and can take what I share and make use of it constructively. Heck, I am still learning a lot of things myself so you are all just coming along for the ride through trials and errors.

Create that List

 I hate to repeat myself but making a list of your habits always helps. I have a special planner that I use to write what I like every day and I list the things I talk about daily. Then I analyze them to see if I can find a pattern and if it is something that I truly care about. Be honest with yourself before you present this information to the world. Is it something that you know you are really interested in? If you are but you continue to feel like you know very little about the subject, research it. Researching new things makes you more knowledgeable and readers love that. When you realize that you are ready, write a few articles and put it away. Do not post them unless you feel like you are comfortable sharing it. I mean, you can always delete it but why do that when you can just go back and edit it before publishing. Therefore, make sure that you answer these questions to ensure that this is the niche that you want:
  1. Is this something that you love to talk about?
  2. Is this a subject that makes your friends roll their eyes so far back that you have to ask if they are tired of hearing you talk about it?
  3. Is this something that you can see yourself writing about for years?
  4. Do you know where to find answers for this specific niche if someone asks you a question? Is the answer readily available?
  5. How long have you been involved in this subject?
Continue to follow along as I share with you the tools that I use daily for my writing and marketing. Watch out for my article that will tell you how you can make money off your own websites, create revenues and utilizing Affiliate Marketing. If you want to share your answers in the comment section, feel free to do so. Let me know what niche you are thinking about and we can role play to see if you are comfortable enough to share your expert answer to the question with me. Until then, adios!

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ENTP: Quora Questions

I have been spending a lot more time on Quora just looking for things to read and I realize that the questions regarding Personality Types are pretty high. As an ENTP, I am inquisitive and naturally curious so after spending almost a month on Quora as an active participant, I notice that responding comes naturally. I am going to start picking out three questions that I answer each day to post them. You can give me your response in the comment section. You can even let me know if you agree or disagree with me as an ENTP.

As An ENTP, Do You Really Give Up On Something?

My initial response was too short. I think I was typing in the middle of the night because on most days, I am pretty thought out. I still stand by my response that ENTP's don't give up. We normally put all of our ideas into a vault and go back to it when we find a use for it. Sometimes we forget about it and when we run across it, it's like a piece of treasure. When it comes to people, it all depends on the relationship. If it is a family member, we might work with them a little longer than we have the patience for. Sometimes they are the only people that can get us emotionally involved. I believe it has something to do with the sense of belonging. ENTP's practically don't feel like we fit into any social norm and having a family that we can call our own gives us a sense of connection. If the family is dysfunctional, then you can believe that the ENTP will probably be just as dysfunctional. Other than that, we can place everyone and everything away from our current priority. It's not hard to forget that you or it doesn't exist.

Do ENTPs At Times Feel Alienated?

 I believe it can be a self-help method that most ENTP use or it can become very self-destructive because we can dismiss everything and everyone in our life for the sake of searching for that mental stimulant. I alienate everyone including myself at times. I can sit in front of a computer and get very lost in what I am doing and three days had passed, I am still here while loved ones would get frustrated with my lack of quality time. I promise that it is not intentional. ENTP has a method of thinking that gets them lost into deep thoughts that we know no one else cares for, so we run into our own heads to kind of make sense of it ourselves. Including extra people in our thoughts is too much because not everything that we are interested in is interesting to other people, which is why we fall in and out of being an ambivert. The best way to approach this method is to leave us alone when we are fully focused.

How Does One Stick To Their Projects and Actually Finish Them As An ENTP?

ENTP has been branded as the biggest procrastinator out of all the archetypes. I don't think we are as big of a procrastinator as the ISFP and the ISTP. We procrastinate equally but our type of procrastination isn't really procrastination. It's distractions.  For us to complete a project without coming off as a procrastinator, we would need to be alone on our own time. Deadlines are good even though we do not follow them. We normally use the deadline as a time we should get it done by and not of importance. Once we are in concentration mode, if it is broken, it will never return until it feels like it. Most people follow their heart, we follow our conscious. ENTP's do not like to be micromanaged, so we don't like to micromanage our thoughts, our body, and our language. Brain, you don't feel like thinking today? That's fine. We can do it tomorrow. Body, not up for working out? Sure, let's finish that leftover pasta we had last night. Add cheese! Plenty of it. Languages? Am I suppose to not be vulgar in case it might hurt someone's feelings? Well, if it comes out, it comes out. Fogetaboutit! That's pretty much my thought for today. If you know you're an ENTP and you agree with everything that I said, leave a comment. Tell me what you would say differently.

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