Tuesday, July 9, 2019

I am back on blogger and let me tell you why! I was always told that if I wanted to do affiliate marketing, I need to own a domain. I guess it makes sense because it looks better in a business aspect but as a blogger who is not running e-commerce but just sharing products with an audience, I really do not need a domain. I always utilize Google AdSense. Since it is easier to connect AdSense with Blogger, I found my way back home.

Plus, I feel like I get more traction on AdSense when I am using Blogger oppose to WordPress.

I have changed a lot of things around and I think this is the last move for me. I don’t even feel like working on websites for other people anymore. I want to focus on my websites and blogs only. I have been neglecting my writing because I was so busy focusing on other people’s success that it’s depressing.

There are some things that I want to focus on and now that I have all the tools that I need for free, I can finally work on them. I don’t know why I am not just realizing this.

Gaming Channel

I will be doing more gaming highlight from streams that I will be participating in along with a review on games of all consoles and platforms. Do not forget to stop by the blog and follow it if that’s your niche.

Book and Film Reviews

I’ve always been reviewing books and films but I had them mixed in with other niches. I can finally break them from the other topics and give it a corner of its own. If this is your niche, give the blog a follow.

Product Reviews

This is something that I need to start putting on papers. I have been reviewing a lot of different things to help others out. To balance the budget. Whether it's for creating contents or finding online hustle, I will be listing reviews of everything I encountered and purchase in life. If you like things like this, drop a follow on this blog.

There you have it. This is the update that I have for now and I will be doing regular updates to keep the blog active. There is a lot of things that go into managing a website and a blog to stay relevant, which I will be sharing soon so do not forget to like this blog for more updates.

This is a personal blog so expect a more personal outlook on things here.

Difference Between ENTJ and ENTP

This was my first attempt at making videos so I was a little all over the place but don't worry, I will be making another video to add on to this topic: What is the difference between the ENTJ and ENTP?


ENTJ is a lot more serious than an ENTP is. They may be more abrasive in how they approach things but they are more of the take-charge type while ENTP approach every situation in a more charming fashion. Sometimes ENTJ will find the ENTP too immature for them. If they care for them, they will learn to accept the humor because they believe that's what friends do for each other. It's more like a pity party and the ENTP can see right through it.

ENTP is more accepting of failures while ENTJ will not accept that at all. They can become very hard on themselves if they make a mistake. Mistakes do not exist in the ENTJ's world and they will never understand how ENTP can just laugh off mistakes.


ENTJ needs everything in life to benefit them. ENTP doesn't really see the world in that lens. They want to surround themselves with people but it can be anyone. It's a social party of diversity and many brains to pique. An ENTJ does not socialize to socialize. They socialize to meet, greet, and set off an impression that will get them somewhere later in life. They would be that person who would attend a high school reunion to show off their successful career or mingle with people to find out what they can offer them. If an ENTP goes to a High School reunion, it's probably to get drunk because of free booze, right?

Anyways, I will be making a second video on this topic so feel free to leave a comment on whether you think my video is on point or not. You can also add your take on the ENTJ and ENTP personality.

ENTP ISTP INTP Differences

This video was created because someone wanted to know what the difference is between the ISTP and the INTP, so I decided to throw in every difference from an ENTP point of view.

Monday, July 8, 2019

PewDiePie is an ISTJ

I am always curious what people's personality type is and PewDiePie is one person that I have been curious about, so I searched him up. There were so many theories on him being an ENTP and I honestly don't think so.

He also made a video taking a test to discover his type, which can be found here:

I can see why people would mistake him as an ENTP because of his demeanors but the way he presents himself actually shows proof that he is an ISTJ so I was not surprised that he got the result that he did. He uses a lot of extroverted thinking if you follow Pew. He talks about stuff that comes to mind and after getting pointed out, he retracts his words because he "wasn't thinking." That is something that ENTP does not do. We actually do think about what we will say before we say it.
One of my best friends is an ISTJ.

Let me know if you agree that he falls into the temperament of an ISTJ or if you still think he is an ENTP by leaving your comment below.

My Favorite MBTI Personality Types

Someone wanted to know what my favorite personality types were, so just for fun, I made this video. As an ENTP, I can get along with just about any personality types regardless of how awful some of their habits were. That is the best part about ENTP. We adapt to everything. Whether we are well liked or well received is the complete opposite.

ENTP enjoys depicting people who can come off obnoxious especially when they can figure out people's natural flaws just through observation and there are a few personality types that hate being text booked and stereotyped.

Check out the video that I created on my favorite types and why I pick them.

How I Really Feel About ISTP

This is actually the most viewed and requested topic on my YouTube channel because there aren't enough videos depicting and deciphering the ISTP personality type. As an ENTP who has been involved with an ISTP for eleven years, I have the upper hand on the understanding the temperament more than others that I know.

Check out the pros and cons of the ISTP from an ENTP point of view.

ENTP and ISTP Relationship

How does an ENTP woman deal with the ever so indecisive, brooding, and overanalytical ISTP man? Or vice versa. How does an ISTP man deal with the never satisfied ENTP woman who is constantly battling with her flexibility?

Easy. Just battle it out.

The one attraction that these two shares is one of the same: similar interest of space.
I should know. I am that ENTP woman who has been married to the ISTP man for what feels like forever. While I do remember very well from the first day that we kissed to the day we took our vow to annoy one another forever, the only thing that he remembers is that I made some home cook food yesterday.

ISTP: Who cares how long we have been together. That’s just something to remind us that we are getting older. That’s scary.
ENTP: How is that scary?
ISTP: Growing old is scary.
ENTP: Not knowing anything is scary. Not remembering anything is scary.
ISTP: Those details don’t bother me. You bother me. Quit nagging.

That would be a typical conversation between us. It might not sound like an interesting conversation, but it is something that we both use when we break free from what we normally do on our own. Me, writing and thinking up new things to create while he loathes about how unfortunate his life is because he is never satisfied with anything even if he has everything in front of him.

ENTP: *surprises him with something that he says he’s been looking at* Here you go! I bought this for you. It’s your birthday gift and I know your birthday is three months away but fuck it. Don’t say I never got you anything.
ISTP: That’s nice but that’s the one with the bad review. Did you not check the review before you purchased it?
ENTP: A thank you would be nice.
ISTP: But it’s not really the best one. Quality over quantity. I don’t want to be disappointed.
ENTP: Well, here’s the stupid receipt. Go exchange it yourself.
ISTP: But you bought it, so you should go to exchange it
ENTP: You’re the one who’s not satisfied. Go exchange it yourself.
ISTP: I don’t feel like going
ENTP: Then you’re stuck with it.
ISTP: Then I don’t want it
ENTP: Fine. Happy birthday. Here’s a punch in the throat.

That’s the clearest conversation between an ENTP and an ISTP. I do know that for a fact because my husband is not the first ISTP that I’ve had relationships with. As ungrateful as this conversation sounds, an ENTP wouldn’t care. Once we are in a relationship, it was only because we picked it. Now leaving someone is a different story. It takes a lot of energy to start a relationship so sometimes I feel like sticking around is better than kicking him to the curb. It’s better to just annoy him out of the relationship but unfortunately, the ISTP also has an idea about how they want to end a relationship too. Just as my husband didn’t want to return the item in exchange for what he really does want, that’s how he views relationships. He doesn’t to be the one to say, “get the hell out.”
Since we both agree that its something we both want the other to do, we always end up right back where we don’t want to be: annoyed and sometimes in a loving way. Most of the time, ridiculously hostile.

Well, this is the beginning of my blog based on the ENTP and the ISTP relationship: a memoir of a destructive pair. If you want to follow, just subscribe and follow.

Differences Between Ne and Ni

This is the second episode of "How to Profile Personality Types" on my YouTube channel. The goal for these episodes is to help social engineer enthusiasts understand a little more about temperaments without the scientific jargons. I believe that the way people have been explaining how cognitive functions and temperaments work has been the biggest reason for mistyping.
It is also a reason why people refuse to understand how personality typing works or even dismiss that it even works because people tend to find themselves reading the different explanations that may or may not fit into their narratives so they will be quick to say this is all just pseudo-science that is very flawed. I personally have never found a fault in the design. I have found numerous faults in how tests are taken and how people portrayed their knowledge and understanding of the craft.

Extroverts and Introverts

First, let's discuss the whole messy definition of what an extrovert and an introvert are. Everyone assumed that a person is either an extrovert or an introvert by the way they carry themselves in public but that's easily manipulated based off the situations. There are also people who believe that they are moderate enough to be an ambivert because they can become less extroverted at home or more extroverted at home. This doesn't say a lot because, in actuality, extroversion and introversion is just the internal and external processing of the cognitive functions of intuition, sensing, thinking, and feeling. It is how you use these functions internally or externally. Everyone is an extrovert at some point and an introvert at some point.
By not understanding this, people assume that they are misunderstood or they will have no room for personal growth because they've been so confused about their focus that they will never know where to start. In this article, I will explain the extroverted and introverted intuition function in laments terms.

Extroverted iNtuition (Ne)

Depending on which tier this is used, the strength of the extroversion changes but let's not discuss the tier and focus on how extroverted intuition really works. Users of extroverted intuition tend to collect things and is flexible with their approach especially when it comes to their interest and ideas. If it is followed by or surrounded by a feeling function, they are more likely very open-minded, accepting other peoples feelings. Let's just say they can come off very compassionate but their attention to keeping updated with these feelings will most likely never be there if they are taking on numerous amounts of other feelings along the way. If extroverted intuition is surrounded by a sensing function, they will most likely be very adventurous and may have the case of attention deficit disorder and can become bored easily with the specific adventure that they have promised to commit to. Now if the extroverted intuition is surrounded with a thinking type, it will be hard for them to commit to an idea as they become open-ended and will overwhelm themselves with new ideas with each passing days.

Introverted iNtuition (Ni)

Users who carry the introverted intuition temperament is mainly objective and always looking for a reason behind their instinct. Unlike the extroverted intuition users who are very open to new experience and things, those who use introverted intuition can be a bit more skeptical and less likely to accept new things into their life. They gather things strategically and go down a straight and narrow path as they make decisions and welcome new information. They aim for a goal and they stick to it, most often believing that they have a purpose to fulfill.

People who use introverted intuition with the following feeling function normally question why people make them feel a certain way or why anyone would feel a certain way. If the introverted intuition is followed by a sensing function, they question whether the experience that they have encountered will benefit them in the long run or if it is a good idea to continue down these roads. Why is this road less taken? Is it worth it to go down this path and find out at the end if it is a good idea for myself? These are questions that most introverted intuition users find themselves pondering but as I mentioned earlier, it all depends on the tiers this function is in to provide further analysis on how it works.

If the introverted intuition is followed by a thinking function, it can be mistaken for the way the sensing type works because the questions remain the same minus the act of sensory and adventure. The focus would be on a deeper avenue where the person using this introverted intuition will begin pondering what the origins of life really means and why does anything usually happen to people. They will most likely want to take up a career in psychology or anything relating to science and healthcare because while they ask these questions internally, they will find themselves interested in figuring it out by asking others these same questions.

Check Out the Tier Explanation Here: PROFILING PERSONALITY TYPES

What Next?

While these explanations sound pretty vague, it becomes easier to understand once you create the formula and add them with other functions. This is what makes each type special. No one person who shares the same cognitive functions is the same because each cognitive functions is placed on a certain tier that formulates a stack that defines the temperaments. The stack gives each function its strength and it provides the details of how well received the functions are to the mind.

I will be discussing the extroverted and introverted sensing tomorrow, so stay updated by subscribing to my YouTube channel and signing up for the newsletter to stay informed. Thanks again for reading this far and let me know if you have a comment or two about what you just read by leaving a comment below. Thanks!