Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Difference Between ENTJ and ENTP

This was my first attempt at making videos so I was a little all over the place but don't worry, I will be making another video to add on to this topic: What is the difference between the ENTJ and ENTP?


ENTJ is a lot more serious than an ENTP is. They may be more abrasive in how they approach things but they are more of the take-charge type while ENTP approach every situation in a more charming fashion. Sometimes ENTJ will find the ENTP too immature for them. If they care for them, they will learn to accept the humor because they believe that's what friends do for each other. It's more like a pity party and the ENTP can see right through it.

ENTP is more accepting of failures while ENTJ will not accept that at all. They can become very hard on themselves if they make a mistake. Mistakes do not exist in the ENTJ's world and they will never understand how ENTP can just laugh off mistakes.


ENTJ needs everything in life to benefit them. ENTP doesn't really see the world in that lens. They want to surround themselves with people but it can be anyone. It's a social party of diversity and many brains to pique. An ENTJ does not socialize to socialize. They socialize to meet, greet, and set off an impression that will get them somewhere later in life. They would be that person who would attend a high school reunion to show off their successful career or mingle with people to find out what they can offer them. If an ENTP goes to a High School reunion, it's probably to get drunk because of free booze, right?

Anyways, I will be making a second video on this topic so feel free to leave a comment on whether you think my video is on point or not. You can also add your take on the ENTJ and ENTP personality.


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