Monday, July 8, 2019

ENTP and ISTP Relationship

How does an ENTP woman deal with the ever so indecisive, brooding, and overanalytical ISTP man? Or vice versa. How does an ISTP man deal with the never satisfied ENTP woman who is constantly battling with her flexibility?

Easy. Just battle it out.

The one attraction that these two shares is one of the same: similar interest of space.
I should know. I am that ENTP woman who has been married to the ISTP man for what feels like forever. While I do remember very well from the first day that we kissed to the day we took our vow to annoy one another forever, the only thing that he remembers is that I made some home cook food yesterday.

ISTP: Who cares how long we have been together. That’s just something to remind us that we are getting older. That’s scary.
ENTP: How is that scary?
ISTP: Growing old is scary.
ENTP: Not knowing anything is scary. Not remembering anything is scary.
ISTP: Those details don’t bother me. You bother me. Quit nagging.

That would be a typical conversation between us. It might not sound like an interesting conversation, but it is something that we both use when we break free from what we normally do on our own. Me, writing and thinking up new things to create while he loathes about how unfortunate his life is because he is never satisfied with anything even if he has everything in front of him.

ENTP: *surprises him with something that he says he’s been looking at* Here you go! I bought this for you. It’s your birthday gift and I know your birthday is three months away but fuck it. Don’t say I never got you anything.
ISTP: That’s nice but that’s the one with the bad review. Did you not check the review before you purchased it?
ENTP: A thank you would be nice.
ISTP: But it’s not really the best one. Quality over quantity. I don’t want to be disappointed.
ENTP: Well, here’s the stupid receipt. Go exchange it yourself.
ISTP: But you bought it, so you should go to exchange it
ENTP: You’re the one who’s not satisfied. Go exchange it yourself.
ISTP: I don’t feel like going
ENTP: Then you’re stuck with it.
ISTP: Then I don’t want it
ENTP: Fine. Happy birthday. Here’s a punch in the throat.

That’s the clearest conversation between an ENTP and an ISTP. I do know that for a fact because my husband is not the first ISTP that I’ve had relationships with. As ungrateful as this conversation sounds, an ENTP wouldn’t care. Once we are in a relationship, it was only because we picked it. Now leaving someone is a different story. It takes a lot of energy to start a relationship so sometimes I feel like sticking around is better than kicking him to the curb. It’s better to just annoy him out of the relationship but unfortunately, the ISTP also has an idea about how they want to end a relationship too. Just as my husband didn’t want to return the item in exchange for what he really does want, that’s how he views relationships. He doesn’t to be the one to say, “get the hell out.”
Since we both agree that its something we both want the other to do, we always end up right back where we don’t want to be: annoyed and sometimes in a loving way. Most of the time, ridiculously hostile.

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