Monday, July 8, 2019

PewDiePie is an ISTJ

I am always curious what people's personality type is and PewDiePie is one person that I have been curious about, so I searched him up. There were so many theories on him being an ENTP and I honestly don't think so.

He also made a video taking a test to discover his type, which can be found here:

I can see why people would mistake him as an ENTP because of his demeanors but the way he presents himself actually shows proof that he is an ISTJ so I was not surprised that he got the result that he did. He uses a lot of extroverted thinking if you follow Pew. He talks about stuff that comes to mind and after getting pointed out, he retracts his words because he "wasn't thinking." That is something that ENTP does not do. We actually do think about what we will say before we say it.
One of my best friends is an ISTJ.

Let me know if you agree that he falls into the temperament of an ISTJ or if you still think he is an ENTP by leaving your comment below.


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